Every ordinary member is an equity owner in our society. Minimum equity ownership for any member is N50, 000.00 payable within the first six months of membership. The equity can be more than N50, 000.00 and dividend is payable for every profitable year, so we encourage members to own equity in excess of the minimum requirement.


Albeit voluntary, it is open to professionals and entrepreneurs above eighteen (18) years of sound mind and character who support our principles and values. We are a not-for-profit registered co-operative that is owned by its members. That means profits generated go back into the society for improvements to services, financial reserves, higher savings rates and lower loan rates. As a member of Cowries Multipurpose, you have access to a full array of products and services designed to help you save time money and satisfy your financial goals.

We constantly look for new and better ways to provide our members with the most current, convenient and beneficial services whether it is financial or otherwise. We rely on the dedication of and referrals from our members to grow tremendously within the next five (5) years. We have developed a network membership system in which members who introduce other active members will have privileges such as increased credit limit, committee membership and annual bonuses. We have therefore set a standard target for each of our members to introduce minimum of five (5) other members within their first year of membership. This is a voluntary not obligatory duty every one of our members owes the society.

Why become a member?

Whether you have started your own company, thinking about it, or your business is struggling, you need the synergy available in a well-planned cooperative system to kneel-jerk your efforts. Or if you are just interested in investing in viable entrepreneurial visions, then at Cowries you will meet, exchange, learn from and be mentored by successful leading entrepreneurs; share their personal stories and insights on what they did right and what they could have done better. You are at an advantage to learn from their stories through our peer-mentoring programme and quarterly meetings.

Membership Benefits:

• Access to free mentoring with inspiring and successful entrepreneurs.

• Quarterly entrepreneur training and development (Free or Highly Discounted fee as the case may be).

• Interaction and brainstorming with other entrepreneurs and like-minded professionals

• Business Marketing, networking opportunities, investment sessions and opportunities.

• Funding for both personal and business needs at the interest rates possible.

• Regular savings, modest living, personal improvement opportunities and brainstorming sessions.

Membership Class


Ordinary Members: Minimum share subscription of 50,000 units @ ₦1.00 per share subject to maximum of 1,000,000 units,
Preferential members: Minimum share subscription of 250,000 units @ ₦1.00 per share subject to maximum of 5,000.000 units.
Cowrie's Cooperative membership fee includes; Non-refundable Application fee of N10, 000 and an Annual Subscription of N5, 000 per member ...

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Our Mission Through the provision of exceptional services, delivering unparalleled financial and socio-economic values and diligently pursuing the tenets of cooperation; we shall mentally empower our members, expound their economic means and influence their financial choices in the fight against poverty and mediocrity for the continuous improvement of individuals and ultimate transformation the society as a whole.