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Cowries Cooperative Multipurpose Society

House 6, G.A. Taylor Estate,

2 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos


Tel: +234 (0) 808 536 9976, +234 (0) 808 536 9898

Email: [email protected]

Membership Class


Ordinary Members: Minimum share subscription of 50,000 units @ ₦1.00 per share subject to maximum of 1,000,000 units,
Preferential members: Minimum share subscription of 250,000 units @ ₦1.00 per share subject to maximum of 5,000.000 units.
Cowrie's Cooperative membership fee includes; Non-refundable Application fee of N10, 000 and an Annual Subscription of N5, 000 per member ...

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Our Mission Through the provision of exceptional services, delivering unparalleled financial and socio-economic values and diligently pursuing the tenets of cooperation; we shall mentally empower our members, expound their economic means and influence their financial choices in the fight against poverty and mediocrity for the continuous improvement of individuals and ultimate transformation the society as a whole.